Mid Valley Airport (E98) has been a public access airport since 1970. The main runway is 18/36. It is published as 4380 feet long x 37 feet wide. Elevation is 4836'

CTAF frequency is 122.9 AWOS 1 information is available by clicking 3 times on this frequency. Runway lights and airport beacon are activated the same way.

100LL fuel is available here, 24 Hour, self-service. Hooey LLC owns this business and is formed of Airpark property owners to keep fuel available at the lowest possible cost. Airpark & Hooey Shareholder discounts apply.

An average of 200 aircraft are based at Mid Valley. Most are SEL (including classics, homebuilts, ultralites), helicopters and a few twins are based here too. We have maintenance facilities and our own EAA Chapter (530).

The roads within the Airpark also serve as Taxiways. These are called "Auto-Plane Drives" Aircraft have the right of way.

Mid Valley Airpark Los Lunas, New Mexico

Airport Information: