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Mid Valley Airport (E98) has been a public access airport since 1970. The main runway is 18/36. It is published as 4380 feet long x 37 feet wide. Elevation is 4836'

CTAF frequency is 122.9 AWOS 1 information is available by clicking 3 times on this frequency. Runway lights and airport beacon are activated the same way.

100LL fuel is available here, 24 Hour, self-service. Hooey LLC owns this business and is formed of Airpark property owners to keep fuel available at the lowest possible cost.  Hooey Shareholder discounts apply.

An average of 200 aircraft are based at Mid Valley. Most are SEL (including classics, homebuilts, ultralites), helicopters and a few twins are based here too. We have maintenance facilities and our own EAA Chapter (530).

The roads within the Airpark also serve as Taxiways. These are called "Auto-Plane Drives" Aircraft have the right of way.

Mid Valley Airpark Los Lunas, New Mexico

Airport Information:

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