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Mid Valley Airpark Los Lunas, New Mexico

About Us:

Mid Valley Airpark is a fly-in community with its own privately owned/public access Airport.

The Airport (runways and taxiways), roads, park and common areas are owned by the Mid Valley Air Park Property Owner's Association (MVAPPOA). This Home Owner's Association (HOA) was established in the 1970's to operate, manage and protect the interests of it's members.

All property owners within Mid Valley are paying members of this Property Owners Association and have a vested interest in the continued success of this great neighborhood. Dues and assessments are voted on by the property owners.

The Board of Directors of the Association are elected by the membership. Along with many volunteers, they oversee and direct the operation of our Airpark.

There are over 120 lots in Mid Valley Airpark including 29 commercial lots. Minimum residential lot size is 1/2 acre.

Natural gas, Electric, Phone/DSL/Fiber Optic lines are all underground. Properties are on well water and septic systems.

EAA CH-530 is based here as are numerous businesses; Reasonable Priced Avgas, A&P facilities, hangar rentals etc.

HOA Bylaws, Residential Covenants and other information can be found here:

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